Wrapping Presents Can Be a Pain in the Neck!!

The holiday season is in full swing, and as we wrap all of those perfectly selected gifts in their shiny wrapping paper, it can take a toll on the spine! Our patients are asking us this holiday season, “What is the best way to wrap presents without getting sore?”

Well, Here Are the Answers:

1.) Choose a workstation where your neck isn’t flexed or looking directly down. Sitting is often a better position because you can wrap at eye level.

2.) Stretch and take breaks after 20–30 minutes of wrapping to offset the posture.

3.) Be sure that you aren’t slouching! Slouching creates stress on your shoulders and neck.

4.) Space out your wrapping over a few days rather than completing all of it in one day or evening.

5.) Relax your shoulders! During the holidays, stress can cause us to hike up our shoulders. Keep them down when wrapping.

Follow these tips and your neck will thank you! And from all of us at Sports PT, we wish you a happy holiday season!