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So you’re ready to be the newest member of Sports PT? Excellent. Just send us this job application, along with your resume and cover letter to our Director of Human Resources by emailing or faxing (315) 410-0026. Please send your resume in a .PDF or a .DOC formated document. For questions about employment, please call our Director of Human Resources at (315) 410-6200. We look forward to hearing from you.



Your First Step Towards physical health Starts Here :

After coming here three times a week, every week for six months – you’re part of their life. And they’re part of your life.


Diane Beideck

Everyone was really welcoming. It was just an environment where you could jump in and learn.


Ricardo Whittaker - Ithaca College

I need a physical therapist that is going to think about what I do every day for a living.


Susan Reno

I had a little bit of low confidence. And my CI was the one who helped me build that confidence.


Tiffany Bader -  Central Michigan University

They’re concerned about your concerns. You’re not just a number – you’re a human.


Matt Mamoone

I felt like I was another therapist in the clinic. I wasn’t just a student.


Tom Maving - Nazareth College