What to expect on your first visit to Sports PT of NY

Welcome to Sports PT of NY! Thank you so much for choosing us!

What can you expect?
In one phrase, it’s our mission . . . which is, “To be the premier provider of quality physical therapy services in a positive, professional, and compassionate environment.” That’s our culture, with every patient, every time. Let’s explain what you can expect to experience.

First call:
When you make the first call, you will be warmly greeted by one of our Patient Services Coordinators (PSCs) who will help schedule your initial evaluation appointment at your convenience. We will obtain information about your injury, as well as insurance information so our experts can verify insurance benefits. We want to support you in every way, so you can focus on your care.

First Visit:
On your first visit, you will be welcomed by one of our PSCs and your paperwork will be thoroughly reviewed. Many patients prefer to fill out paperwork from home, which is available on our website at www.sptny.com. If patients choose to complete this at our office, it typically takes between 10 and 15 minutes to fill out. The PSC will go over your insurance coverage with you and any other questions you may have.

Your Physical Therapist (PT) will be delighted to meet you, and you will be welcomed into an evaluation room. This is where your PT will seek to learn more about your injury and to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. The evaluation is thorough, with a combination of discussion and hands-on evaluation. Comfortable clothing is recommended, and clothing that can allow access to the injured area is recommended. Your PT will ask questions for about 10 to 15 minutes regarding symptoms, goals, and medical history.

After this discussion, your PT will perform a physical evaluation to determine what needs to be addressed in physical therapy. Often there are areas of tightness and weakness that a PT will assess. The objective of physical therapy will be to help restore your normal activities and to achieve your goals! If for some reason your injury or condition requires a different health care provider, a referral to the person will be facilitated that day.

We are committed to patient education, which includes: injury, prognosis, and treatment plan. Our PTs will use medical resources such as posters, models, computer videos, and demonstration to help understand your injury and WHY/HOW physical therapy can help. The PT will make a recommendation as to how many times a week you will attend physical therapy and what the main focus of your treatments will be. Most patients attend physical therapy two to three days per week, depending on the condition. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

In most cases, you will be given between one and three exercises on Day 1 with photos and clear instructions for home. Many times, the PT will perform some type of hands-on skilled care to help restore motion or to help reduce pain. You will have the same PT for the majority of your visits to maximize your consistency of care.

Day 1 is complete! What’s next?
After the evaluation, treatment, and hands-on care, your PT and PSC will coordinate an appointment with you. The average first visit is a little over an hour. After your visit, the PT will write up your initial evaluation note. If an MD referred you, that evaluation will be sent to him or her.

This begins your Physical Therapy journey with us! Thank you again for choosing Sports PT of NY. We are committed to clinical excellence and outstanding customer service in a fun environment.

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, visit us at sptny.com