What is Hip Impingement?

As hockey playoffs are in full swing, overuse injuries, especially towards the end of the season, can hinder performance. “Hip impingement” is a common injury with hockey players.

What are the symptoms of Hip Impingement?

  • Stiffness/pain in hip/groin area, loss of full range of motion and pain in certain movements or positions

Best Treatment Options

  • The best treatment is to improve muscle balance, stretch areas of tightness, and strengthen areas of weak muscle surrounding the hip. Research shows that PT is the best first option for hip impingement. Removing the source of irritation, such as period of rest can help to reduce inflammation while focusing on PT. Surgical intervention is an option in severe cases and when conservative treatment isn’t effective.

What type of exercise is effective?

  • Exercise should include pelvic and hip stabilization, hip and abdomen strengthening. A large focus is placed on glut medius ( buttock) strengthening. A PT will also provide manual intervention such as hip capsular stretching, along with stretching

-At first exercises should be less complex to build a foundation, then progress to more complex exercises, and then incorporate higher level plyometric exercises for safe return to sport.

For more information on hip impingement, contact info@sptny.com.