Turkey Trot Recovery

Great job signing up for the Turkey Trot! What a great way to start off your Thanksgiving before indulging in a good feast and some family time!
Take some extra time planning on recovery strategies to reduce soreness from your trot.

Here are a few tips on your post-race recovery:

  • Keep moving for about 30 minutes after you run to help your muscles recover and avoid cramping
  • Eat a banana or have chocolate milk/protein drink within 10-15 minutes after running for immediate protein and carbohydrate replenishment.
  • Hydrate with water with about 4-5 eight ounce glasses ( 32-40 ounces) for the rest of the day.
  • Eat a well-balanced meal high in protein and veggies, no problem if you plan on having turkey!
  • Consider wearing compressive stockings the night of your turkey trot to increase blood flow and promote recovery
  • Take a day off from running, but enjoy a nice walk and stretch those leg muscles

Happy Running and Turkey Day! Great job staying healthy through the holiday season!