Three Tips for Long Car Rides

1.) Every 2 hours, stop to stand and stretch. WHY? Remaining in a seated position for extended periods of time can restrict blood flow to your lower extremities, causing flexion, which is a compressive force in the spine. Stopping to stand and stretch is critical for your spine, as it releases the compression, allows for blood to flow to the nerves, and helps maintain flexibility during these long rides.

2.) Stay hydrated. WHY? Muscles and joints are healthier and function better when your body is hydrated. Think of it as oil for your joints. When you are hydrated, there is less chance for stiffness and cramping.

3.) Watch posture. WHY? Oftentimes, we are playing on our phones or tablets when on long car rides. Be sure the screen is at eye level rather than in your lap, causing you to look down. Poor posture can create pain in both the neck and the low back, not to mention increasing risk for headaches.

These three tips can help you enjoy the car ride experience and the fun destination! SAFE TRAVELS!