The Facts About Concussions

A brain injury can happy at any time to anyone. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The purpose is to advance brain injury prevention, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for those affected by brain injury. Here at Sports PT, we have three concussion experts who specialize in rehabbing patients after they suffer a head trauma: Teresa Hall in our Tonawanda clinic, Rebecca Korosi in our Downtown Buffalo location, and Kevin Brown in our Camillus clinic. Our experts pulled the following facts together to educate the public on concussions during this month of recognition:

1. Roughly 80-85% of concussions resolve symptoms within 7-10 days. (Source: McCrea, 2006 and Ruff, 2005)

2. Most MRIs and CT scans are negative for concussion. A positive MRI would indicate something greater than a concussion. (Source: McCrea, 2006 and Ruff, 2005)

3. There is a correlation between a concussion diagnosis and whiplash of the neck. Both should be evaluated and treated simultaneously. (Source: Buffalo Concussion Group)

4. Disconnecting from the computer, mobile phone, and television is critical to recover from a concussion. (Source: Dr. John Leddy Lecture, October 2013)

5. After a concussion, people who go back to moderate activity after three days of rest do best. More than three days of only rest OR extreme activity is not beneficial. (Source: Silverberg and Iverson, 2012)

6. There is no evidence that concussion bands prevent a concussion. Helmets are shown to reduce skull fractures, not prevent a concussion. (Source: Dr. John Leddy Lecture, October 2013)

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