PT Success Story: From Knee Pain to Mountain Climbing in Four Weeks

Most of our patients come to us with a strong desire to feel better. Of course they also hope to do that in the shortest possible time frame! Being fully committed to the process and having a well-defined goal in mind typically helps expedite rehabilitation. The following story is a great example of our commitment to clinical care and patient goals.

Enmanual came to Sports PT with knee pain (pain was about a 5 on a scale of 1-10). When he shared with me his ambitious goal of climbing 11+ miles up Mt. Whitney in less than four weeks I was cautious, but also excited to do what I could to help make that goal a reality. Enmanual seemed to be fully committed to doing whatever it would take to alleviate his knee pain.

Upon evaluating Enmanual we discovered a lot of myofascial restriction due to compensation coming from a weakened core and hips. First we eliminated the fascial restriction through instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and kinesiology taping. Then we gave him corrective exercises to build strength and maintain his progress.

He made incredible progress in only four week’s time and ultimately was able to climb up Mt. Whitney as planned without any pain! Stories like this are what make me love being a therapist. Pain that can be avoided should never prevent people from living their lives.


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