Preventing Common Basketball Injuries

With the NCAA tournament in Buffalo last weekend, many of us tuned in to watch all of the basketball action. In watching these games throughout the month, we are going to see athletes either recovering from an injury or possibly getting injured.

While injuries occur in all sports, the most common basketball injuries that players sustain are ankle sprains, knee injures (sprains), muscle strains (hamstring/quad), finger injuries, and injuries to face (cuts/lacerations). Approximately 60% of all injuries are to lower extremities, with ankle sprains being the most common. Knee injuries are another common injury, which cause athletes to miss more than 10 days of participation per season. Due to the increase in physical contact in the game, there has been an increase in incidences of injuries to the head and face.

Taping, bracing, and neuromuscular training may help to prevent common injuries from the sport. Preseason training, which includes player education on these injuries, is important to help prevent the initial and reoccurrence of injuries in the sport.

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