Physical Therapy can be the Solution for your Fitness Resolution

The New Year gives us a great opportunity to take inventory of ourselves and set new goals. More than likely, one of our resolutions will focus on improving health, wellness and performance. Reaching fitness goals can be challenging, but gathering a support team can help increase our ability to reach such goals. A support team can offer advice, encouragement and expertise along our journey.

When assembling your team together, think PT first. Physical Therapists are movement specialists trained to help keep the musculoskeletal system functioning at its highest capacity while optimizing longevity. Below are listed the three tops ways a PT can help you.

  1. Assessment- A PT assessment includes an in-depth movement screening which gives insight to postural habits, muscle weakness, mobility deficits, or other imbalances in our movement system. This allows smart decision making moving into a fitness program, as well as arms you with tools to correct these dysfunctions.
  2. Core Training- Owning a core training program is vital in the search for injury-free high performance. PTs are the ‘Core Jedis’ and will show you the way to a stronger core and more stable spine.
  3. Recovery- PTs can help you overcome injuries and help you recover from training sessions. Manual therapies, kinesiology taping, and mobility exercises can help fast-track the body’s adaptation process, which means more gains with less pains!

Even better news, PTs are Direct Access healthcare providers, which means you can come right to a PT without a doctor’s referral. In summary, working alongside a PT can save you money, heartache and valuable time!  When it comes to your health and performance, an integrated team approach is best and thinking PT first will certainly help you along the journey.