Physical Therapy and Pregnancy: Meet Lisa S.

One of our patients, Lisa, was in her first trimester of her second pregnancy and having significant low back and sciatic pain down her right leg. She had a three a three-year-old son at home and went to her OB/GYN for some guidance on what to do, as she didn’t want to take any medicine.

Lisa described her pain as a 7/10 when she would get in and out of bed, pick up her son, and get in and out of a car. The pain was affecting her sleep and she wasn’t able to be a care giver for her son.

Her OB/GYN referred her that day to Sports PT of NY. The Physical Therapist evaluated Lisa and determined that her increased joint laxity was creating sacroiliac instability and putting tension on her sciatic nerve.

The Physical Therapist was able to diagnose and effectively treat Lisa within 7 visits so that she was able to restore function and reduce her pain for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Lisa was thrilled because she enjoyed her pregnancy and was educated on the exercises to reduce her symptoms as the pregnancy progressed!

As it was with Lisa, physical therapy can be a natural alternative to reducing pain during pregnancy. Contact us to learn more.