Minimize Your Risk Of Falling On Ice

As a certified athletic trainer, prevention is one of our main focuses. Whether you’re walking on an ice hockey rink or your slippery driveway, here are a few tips to help keep you safe:

1. Proper footwear is the first line of defense against slips and falls. Boots with rubber or Neoprene composite soles provide better traction on ice and snow than leather or plastic. Specialized slip-on traction additions for shoes are also another great option.

2. Brace yourself by holding onto a stationary object (car, hand rail, etc.) and slide one foot on the surface before stepping on it to determine if it is slick. Continue to hold onto stationary objects as you walk, if you can, to support yourself.

3. Avoid walking with heavy objects if you can. If you have to carry anything, carry with both arms as close to the body’s mid-line as possible, keeping your center of gravity over your feet.

4.  Walk like a Penguin! Keep your knees loose, point your feet slightly out, extend your arms to the side for balance and take short, slow strides. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets!

5. Know how to fall. If you do slip, try not to catch yourself by reaching out your arms.  Fall on your buttocks and protect your wrists.

Also keep in mind that exercise and physical therapy can help improve your gait, balance and core strength helping to reduce your risk of falls by 13% alone. Be safe out there!