Meet Owen Campbell

Sports PT is blessed to have many qualified leaders in its ranks. Katherine Graham once said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters…how could anything be more fun?” Owen Campbell, Assistant Facility Manager of our Union Square clinic, is a great example of someone who loves what he does and has fun doing it! His passion is contagious to his patients and staff.

After earning his BS in Clinical Science and MS and DPT degrees in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College, Owen joined Sports PT at our York Avenue clinic in Manhattan. He was promoted to Assistant Facility Manager in May 2012, and has recently assumed that role at our Union Square clinic. Owen has orthopedic experience with sports injuries as well as lower extremities (hip, knee, ankle and foot). He is currently studying for his Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification.

When asked about the Union Square clinic, Owen describes it as a family… “you’ll feel like you’re entering a home when you come in.” There is a very welcoming atmosphere that encourages and empowers patients to heal. There is a high clinical standard, where evidence-based treatment is used for every patient. Owen says, “our entire team – patient service coordinators and clinicians – are focused on patients first. Our goal is to return patients to their pre-injury quality of life as effectively and carefully as possible.”

Owen says the best thing about working at Sports PT is opportunity. He describes the environment as one that allows people to make whatever they want of their career. “If you’re ambitious and driven, there is great opportunity here.” In addition, Owen raves about the educational opportunities here – clinicians get access to and are mentored by seasoned clinicians, attend educational classes, participate in study groups, and can move up in management if they desire.

Owen gives the following advice to people: Exercise! “Make sure that physical activity is an intentional part of your day. Don’t skip on the weights! Do some resistance exercises (easy leg presses) to keep your body fat down and make sure you’re stable and have healthy body mechanics.”

You can reach Owen at 212-677-3989 or Read more about Owen in his personal bio here.