Last Minute Wrapping Tips

With Christmas being right around the corner, many of us are rushing to get all of those presents wrapped to perfection! With additional time pressures and stress, neck and shoulder pain is prevalent, yet can be avoided which is why our patients are asking everyday… “what is the best way to wrap presents without getting sore?”

Here are five ways to reduce strain on your neck this holiday season:

Choose a work station where your neck isn’t as flexed or looking directly down. Often, sitting is a better position because you often can wrap at eye level.

Taking breaks after 20-30 minutes breaks of wrapping and stretching can offset the posture.

Be sure that you aren’t slouching! Slouching creates stress on your shoulders and neck.

Space your wrapping out rather than completing all of it in one day or evening.

Relax your shoulders! During holiday stress, we can hike our shoulders up. Keep them down when wrapping.

Follow these tips and your neck will thank you! If your pain persists, please seek the advice of your PT.