It’s National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

Stay Well, Stay Safe

Wednesday, September 30th is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. This annual observance aims to focus attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women. At Sports PT, we are proud to support women in their overall health goals.

Physical Therapy is a valuable resource when:

  • You’re a female athlete working on strength and conditioning routines. We can help you improve your performance, get back in the game if you’ve been injured, and help you with flexibility and stability issues.


  • You’re an expectant mother experiencing pregnancy pain. Pelvic pain has been proven to be successfully treated by physical therapy, as well as pre-and post-partum low back pain.


  • You’re a post-menopausal woman worried about osteoporosis. Physical therapy can help strengthen your bones and educate you on balance strategies.


  • You’re a female who deals with Physical therapy is an excellent treatment for vertigo or vestibular-related conditions.


  • You’re a woman who suffers from headaches. You might be surprised to learn that PT is a great treatment for those too!


So, whether you are a young, rising athlete, a hardworking mother of many, or a proud grandmother enjoying a new adventure; physical therapy can help you get out of pain, be stronger and healthier, and do it with a plan designed specifically for you. Call us today!