Healthy Aging & You

September is Healthy Aging Month and if you are one of the 150 million Americans age 45 and up, that means this is a great time to find ways to boost and rejuvenate your physical, mental, and social health!


Here are a few ways to kick off the month:


  • Check in with your primary care doctor this month to schedule your physical and any other relevant health screenings. This will help inform the level of intensity for any upcoming physical activity


  • Get active and stay active through social accountability. Finding a partner or a group to hike, walk, golf, etc. will not only keep you on track to meet your physical activity goals, but the camaraderie and joy that new friends can bring will also keep you mentally and socially sharp!


  • Explore life by finding a new sport or activity. Have you ever wanted to try tennis? How about Yoga? Today is a great day to start! You will see cardio gains, increased neuroplasticity, and better balance!


If you are hesitant to increase your physical activity due to a long persistent muscle ache or pain, a Physical Therapist can help through a mix of prescribed exercises and manual techniques to get your muscles ready for increased activity gradually and safely. They can also test your balance and analyze your gait to reduce your risk of future injury, re-injury or falls.

This month make strides to invest in yourself. Remove your barriers and you will find the many positive aspects of healthy aging.