Hamstring Injuries

With the injury of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, many people are talking about how hamstring injuries recover.

Here Are Some Facts on Recovering from a Hamstring Injury:

  • Research has found hamstring reinjury rates to be as high as 50% in some studies. Proper rest, recovery, and prevention is key to avoiding reinjury.
  • An individualized rehabilitation program can allow athletes to return to play relatively quickly and safely. A combination of progressive agility and trunk stabilization and/or progressive running and eccentric strengthening have been shown to be effective in returning athletes to their sports.
  • Typical gym equipment exercises do not adequately prepare people for playing their sports. There needs to be sport-specific training, such as agility drills, plyometrics, and speed work, to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Returning to play before the hamstring muscles regain proper explosive strength will put athletes at a higher risk for injuries like ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears.

Physical therapists are experts in hamstring injuries and can help evaluate and treat them.

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