Getting back into the “Swing” of Things: Maximizing Your Golf Performance with TPI

by Dr. Zachary Cole, PT, DPT, TPI Certified

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” – Arnold Palmer


Do you have pain during your golf swing? Do you have pain when your round is over? Have you cut rounds short in the past year because of pain? Then the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is exactly what you need!


Throughout the country there are thousands of TPI certified providers from all different backgrounds. Golf professionals, medical professionals, club fitters, and fitness specialists are all utilized within this system as a TEAM. One group of people speaking the same language in order to collaborate and optimize the impact they have on the golfers they work with.


The Titleist Performance Institute was created for golfers of all ages, skill, and competitive levels. Whether you are looking to elevate your game to join the pros and pose with the trophies or just want to have a round once a week where you have a good time with friends/family, you shouldn’t have pain when you play!



As a physical therapist and a golf enthusiast, I have a good grasp of the anatomy and biomechanics utilized in a golf swing. Using the TPI “11 point physical screen” I can identify anatomical and movement based limitations with each golfer that may be causing pain or limiting motion within your swing! It may seem too simple but this screen has been tested over and over again and is backed by lots of research. The bottom line is that each one of these movements MUST occur in a routine golf swing. If one movement pattern is inadequate, then the system is disrupted and different compensations can occur. The TPI system has broken these down into 12 common swing characteristics and identified which physical limitations tend to lead to which characteristic.



So where do you fit in? Whether you are in pain today or not, the TPI system can help you. Moving better = more consistency = better scores and less pain. Now I am not a golf pro, and I can’t promise any improvements in your game. But I can offer a chance to identify and address physical limitations that may be holding your game back. Using the 11 point screen we can create an exercise program to help address the physical/movement limitations that were identified which can improve the quality of your movement in your swing. This system is utilized by pros like Jon Rahm daily to make sure they are feeling physically fit enough to swing and train at their optimal level. If it works for pros like him, it can work for you!


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