Five tips for healthier eating during the holidays.

1. Try to eat a healthy snack at home before attending a party. You will be more likely to make better choices if you aren’t famished. Consider packing a few healthy snacks to bring with you too.

2. Go for the veggie trays before hitting the dips. Try to avoid eating an excessive amount of bread and carbs. (It’s hard, I know.) These are the foods that make us feel bloated and add those post-holiday pounds.

3. Don’t deprive yourself! If you see a sweet holiday treat you adore – go ahead and try it. It’s all about portion control. Oftentimes, it’s simply the taste we want, not the feeling of being so full. Try eating just half of the treat.

4. Stay hydrated. Between the additional salt, sugar, and alcohol during the holidays, our bodies need that water to fight the colds and germs that we are exposed to during our parties. Stay committed to 6-8 glasses of water per day.

5. Take a smaller sized plate when sitting down for that big family dinner. You will feel like you have a full plate, but will be eating much less. Really, it works!