Five Tips for a Health and Wellness Plan

We are all aware of the negative effects of stress and of making poor choices. But most of us never put together a plan to improve our overall wellness. Consider these simple things you can do that can have a dramatic impact on your overall health and life balance.

Portion Control:

When dining out, ask your server to box half of your meal before bringing it to the table. Most portions are oversized anyway, and you will likely not notice the difference!

Stress Management:

Think of your life capacity as a pond. If water flows in but never out, the pond will eventually overflow, become stagnant, or both. But if the in flow and out flow are equal, your pond will be very healthy! What specific things are you doing daily to allow water to flow out of your pond?

Eliminating Time Bandits:

The average person spends 18 minutes each day checking their phone. For each activity that you do during the day, ask yourself: “Does this help me to be a better version of myself?” If it doesn’t, consider eliminating it.

Overloaded Schedules:

We must control our schedules and commitments, or they will control us!  Take 10 minutes to write a mission statement for your life. Then ask yourself, “Does this activity help me to fulfill my mission statement?”


Pretend that you have $100 to spend each day. Are you overpaying certain areas of your life, and underpaying others? How can you change that?

Although following these five tips won’t make you immune to health issues, they can help you achieve a more balanced life.