Dizzy? See A Physical Therapist!


Dr. Teresa Lindell, PT, DPT, OCS

Chances are, you or someone you know has been dizzy at some point in your life.


One recent epidemiological study estimates that as many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older in the United States—approximately 69 million Americans—have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction.


Vestibular dysfunction involves dizziness and imbalance coming from the inner ear system, with symptoms ranging from crippling vertigo to feeling off-balance when moving around.


Many people think there’s nothing to do about this feeling, but there’s a very simple and effective solution: physical therapy.  The most common cause of dizziness, positional vertigo can often be cured by a qualified therapist in one or two treatments with a simple head maneuver.  The other causes of dizziness respond very well to a series of specific exercises prescribed by a vestibular therapist.


Getting treatment for dizziness is very important, as being dizzy is a major risk factor for falling, and most people will significantly limit their activities due to their dizziness.  Most people who do vestibular rehab wished they had done it a long time ago and are very happy with their results!