Can Superstitions Affect Physical Performance? Some Say Yes!

Today’s a fun day to think about superstitions! You may have a few you believe in, such as breaking a mirror or brings seven years of bad luck.

It may sound silly, but research has shown that superstitions can have a placebo effect on physical performance and fitness as well. When you believe in a ritual, your mind becomes focused and more relaxed. In this state, you are able to concentrate on mechanics and technique, which allows your mind and body to sync up. Some people call it “the zone”, which is when all athletes perform their best. Some athletes use visual routines, others follow the same sequential pattern, others wear clothing, eat the same foods….you get the idea.

Beliefs are clear thoughts we keep thinking over and over again. If you believe that wearing the same pair of sneakers will get you baskets in a basketball game, you’re probably more likely to make baskets. If you believe that eating brussel sprouts before every training session will make you stronger, you’re probably right!

Sports psychology is based on visualizing all the details of winning as a technique to prepare both mentally and physically for competition and superstitions can free up your mind to do just that. And, those superstitious routines you follow? Well, they are more important than you think!