Before Making Another Doctor’s Appointment for Pain, Consider Going Direct to a PT

Do you need a referral to see a Physical Therapist?

In November 2009, New York State passed a law that allows patients to have “Direct Access” to Physical Therapists. This permits an individual to gain access to a Physical Therapist’s expertise without seeing an MD first. Physical Therapists are movement specialists that can diagnosis, treat, and work on existing pain and help you prevent future injuries. Most Physical Therapists have their doctorate degree, and are fully equipped to advise on and treat a wide range of conditions.

Can you see any Physical Therapist?

You can be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist with at least three years of experience for ten visits or 30 days without a referral (a.k.a. a script) from your physician. The majority of insurance companies support Direct Access. If you aren’t sure if you have Direct Access benefits, Sports PT can verify that ahead of time as a courtesy.

What are the primary benefits of Direct Access?

  • Prompt access to orthopedic evaluation and treatment within 24 hours
  • No need to go through the formality of seeing a Medical Doctor or Urgent Care facility first
  • Time and co-pay savings
  • A PT can quickly determine if an physician consult is required
  • Quicker recovery time

Direct Access Testimonial

We’ve had several patients take advantage of the Direct Access benefit with great results!  Direct Access is an excellent way to speed your recovery and streamline your healthcare needs. Contact us for more information.

Reference: Updated 7/23/13.