ACL Injuries and Prevention

Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens suffered a season-ending injury this past Sunday with an ACL tear. His next steps will likely be surgery and then six months of intensive rehabilitation in the hopes to return to the NFL.

In the United States each year, 200,000 ACL injuries are reported, making ACL injuries one of the most common athletic injuries among athletes. Athletes from the high school level to the pros are impacted by devastating ACL injuries.

About ACLs:

  • Two-thirds of ACL tears are NON-CONTACT injuries. Most ACL injuries occur when an athlete pivots or lands from a jump, not direct collisions.
  • High school females are at the highest risk for ACL injury. WHY? Teenaged females are biomechanically structured with muscle imbalances including wider, weaker hips and hormonal fluctuations that make ligaments looser.
  • Between 8 and 50% of athletes do NOT return to their sport after ACL reconstruction. The rehabilitation process is lengthy and requires skilled physical therapists along with mental preparedness to return to the sport.

Proper training and ACL risk reduction programs are key.

To help prevent or avoid such a devastating injury, it is crucial that proper form with squat mechanics, jump training, plyometrics, and strengthening are the focus of a training program.

At SportsPT of NY, we have SportsmetricsTMcertified clinicians in Rochester and Saratoga who train athletes in specific ACL risk reduction programs. For more information on ACL risk reduction, contact us at