6 Tips for Better Running Form

Improper form can lead to serious running-related injuries. Here is a list of tips to help you avoid the most common running mistakes:

  1. Did you know that 60% of running forces are absorbed by the ankle and 40% of that is transmitted up to the knee? Initial contact should occur at the mid-foot landing just under the hip or slightly in front of the hip. This will help to decrease landing forces and allow for a quick leg turnover.
  2. You want a slight forward-lean during your stride and good arm swing to help propel you forward.
  3. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, and your hands should be at hip level for optimal efficiency.
  4. As you enter into the propulsion phase, it is crucial to have triple extension at the hip, knee, and ankle pushing your body up and forward.
  5. Your head should float slightly up and down while running (but do not bound to improve efficiency and preserve energy while running).
  6. To optimize energy and efficiency you should strive to have leg turnover of about 180 times in a minute and 12 breath cycles in a minute.

For more information on choosing the right running shoes and other injury prevention tips visit www.sptny.com/Patients/HealthTips.aspx.