5 Healthy Tips for Airplane Travel

1.) Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is recommended especially when going on an airplane. Airplanes are very dry and you don’t want to kick off your vacation with dehydration (muscle cramping, headaches, body aches, nausea).

2.) Bring a travel pillow. Airplane seats are certainly getting more comfy, however when resting on a plane, the neck needs more support to prevent the “neck flop”. A travel cervical pillow keeps your neck and mid back in good alignment as you dream of your vacation plans. Don’t forget your kids too! Their little necks need support as well.

3.) Minimize swelling. Move your ankles and feet in fun alphabet shapes randomly throughout the flight. This will help decrease any swelling that can occur in your calves, especially if you struggle with circulation.

4.) Straighten up! Take that extra sweater you have and carefully roll it into a log shape and place it behind you on your tailbone. This will serve as a “lumbar roll” for your low back during the flight to maintain good seated posture.

5.) Luggage Love! Keep your luggage symmetrical on both sides of you if possible. Maybe one bag on one shoulder and one suitcase in the other hand. This will help keep you spine straight as you walk (or run) through the airport.

Enjoy your travels!