Why Exercise Outdoors?

Having a warm cozy blanket and a good book can be great on cold winter days. It’s certainly important to relax and rest! However, your body also craves the balance of exercise even in the winter months.

Indoor exercise is great for days that are really frigid, but consider taking advantage of those days that are chilly, and even sunny!

Here’s why:

1. Exercising outdoors allows you to burn more calories. Your body will be working to keep your internal temperatures stable. Your body is actually working harder in cooler temperatures as you begin to sweat and elevate your heart rate.

2. When outdoors, you get a daily dose of Vitamin D which helps with overall immunity and mood. No Vitamin D is found indoors!

3. Your muscles will crave stretching before and after. The colder temperatures can increase stiffness of muscles making stretching feel even better before and after the workout. You will have less soreness and better blood flow after the workout.

We have a few more months of winter! Get out there and exercise! Your body will thank you.

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