The Greatest Contributor To Obesity? Bulk Foods.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the economic factor that has the greatest impact on overweight and obesity today is the availability of family-size and bulk packages from “big box” grocery stores and warehouse clubs. Many people opt to purchase larger quantities to save money, and it actually creates an excessive amount of food in their household.

Almost 50% of people have predisposed (genetic) factors that lead them to overeating during the day. So, if they have extra food in their home or workplace, they tend to eat it and gain weight. There has been a lot of advice in the past decade on portion size at meals, and now the research is looking to portion size for what’s in the pantry as well.

The 3 most common traits associated with overeating are:

  • Low satiety
  • Emotional eating
  • Self-control

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HealthWatch 360 April 27, 2015.