The 4 Most Common Symptoms Of A Concussion

A concussion is a mild form of a traumatic brain injury that can disrupt the way your brain function with every day activities. Some very common symptoms of a concussion include:

1)     Cognitive changes: Changes in memory, difficulty concentrating, feeling slowed.

2)     Physical symptoms: headaches, nausea, dizziness, poor balance.

3)     Emotional changes: moody, sadness, increased anxiety.

4)     Sleep changes: Increased or decreased sleep, difficulty falling asleep.

If you suspect that you may have suffered a concussion, what should you do?

1)     REST: First and foremost, you must rest both your body and your mind. That means take a break from the gym or playing those video games for at least one week!

2)     Go see your local Physical Therapist or Primary Care Physician: If you’re having cognitive changes or difficulties with balance, your local physical therapist can assist you with returning back to your normal function. A script from your doctor is not required for you to be seen by a physical therapist; simply call and make an appointment.

A concussion can drastically alter long term brain function if not properly treated when it first occurs. Make sure to properly address the symptoms you are experiencing with the suggestions above to prevent prolonged damage and ensure a normal recovery.