Rowing: The Total Body Workout

Looking for a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, or wanting to try something new? Rowing could be the answer!

What is Rowing?

Rowing (aka crew) is not kayaking or canoeing which is a common misconception.

When sitting in a boat, a person’s feet are strapped onto a “footplate” and the person is sitting on a seat which is on wheels on a track which allows the seat to slide up and down, finally the person is holding a 12’ oar in their hands. The oar is secured to the side of the boat by an “oar lock” which allows the oar to move as the person pulls it through the water during the rowing motion.

This sounds rather daunting but don’t let it scare you!

Why rowing?

Rowing is a wonderful sport because it is accessible to everyone from high school athletes to middle aged individuals looking to be active, and there is even a program in the Rochester area made up entirely by cancer survivors.

Another wonderful benefit of rowing is that due to the amount of precision and concentration required, it is just as much about sharpening the mind as it is about strengthening the body.

If you are looking for a new exciting experience which fosters teamwork and community, rowing may be the sport for you!

What makes Rowing unique?

Rowing is great for overall fitness because it requires the use of nearly all the major muscles in your body!

Most of the power comes from your legs (about 60%), then your back and abdominal muscles engage and finally your arms pry the oar out of the water. Another unique thing about rowing is one gets to be on the water!

Whether it is a canal, river, or lake the experience of being out on the water is what makes rowing most enjoyable and unique.