How to Kick Off Better Health in 2015

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to have better fitness? Below are six expert tips to help you stay committed to your health year round.

  1. Keep yourself moving throughout the day. Clean your house, grocery shopping, hit the gym, play with your kids, or cook dinner.  Any movement is improving your health.
  2. Find a workout buddy. Meeting a friend at the gym will hold you accountable and you will be less likely to skip.
  3. Set a realistic weekly goal for your workout frequency. Setting goals too high such as working out 5-6 days a week may not be an attainable goal for you. Consider starting with two nights or mornings per week so that you can achieve success.
  4. Find a workout activity that you enjoy and look forward to. It may be walking, spinning, a class, or Yoga.
  5. Remember that just because you had a workout does not mean that you can overeat. Try giving yourself small rewards such as one piece of chocolate and remember that moderation is key.
  6. Don’t ignore body pains or try to just push through it. You might make an injury worse. If you notice something is not right, have it checked out by your doctor or Physical Therapist to avoid an injury that could stop you from being active. You will notice more life long gains when you have no pain!